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BS 4449:1997

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BS 4449:1997 has been prepared by Technical Committee ISE/9/1, and is a revision of BS 4449:1988, which is withdrawn.

This British Standard specifies requirements for weldable steel bars for reinforcement of concrete. It covers plain round steel bars in grade 250, and deformed (type 1 and type 2) high yield steel bars in grade 460, the latter in two ductility categories, 460A and 460B. The weldability requirements for both grades of steel are specified in terms of the carbon equivalent value. A testing facility for material covered by a third party product certification scheme, and a testing facility for material not covered by such a scheme, are provided. Steel bars for use as lifting hooks are not included in this British Standard. Steel bars produced by re-rolling finished products, or by rolling material of which the metallurgical history is not fully documented or not known, are not covered by this British Standard. 

NOTE I Flash welds in lengths of bar are permissible. However, for some purposes, purchasers may specifically require bars without flash welds. For this reason, the manufacturer should enquire whether flash welds are acceptable for the purposes of the purchaser at the time of enquiry and/or order (see Annex A).

 NOTE 2 All steels conforming to this British Standard are of weldable quality. Appropriate welding procedures and consumables, to each particular grade and quality, should be used (see BS 7123).


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